VWER 1/5/10

Transcript of Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable: Jan. 5, 2010

Topic: Possible, probable, and preferable futures of Education in Virtual Worlds - Redux

Special Guests:
Anthony Fontana (SL: AnthonyFontana Chevalier)
Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
Daniel Livingston (SL: Buddy Sprocket)
Jonathon Richter (SL: Wainbrave Bernal)
Ken Hudson (SL: Kenny Hubble)

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AJ Brooks: Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable meeting.

AJ Brooks: We are so excited about today's meeting, for many reasons - not the least of which is that we're getting our renamed, repurposed group up and running!

Olivia Hotshot: 62 in the sim for the record.

AJ Brooks: Our meetings are made possible by the Office of Information Technology at Montclair State University. We meet here each week at 2:30pm SLT for an hour.

AJ Brooks: Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable meeting.

AJ Brooks: We are so excited about today's meeting, for many reasons - not the least of which is that we're getting our renamed, repurposed group up and running!

AJ Brooks: Our meetings are made possible by the Office of Information Technology at Montclair State University. We meet here each week at 2:30pm SLT for an hour.

AJ Brooks: The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education.

Wainbrave Bernal: w00t!

AJ Brooks: The views and opinions of any of our special guests or visitors do not necessarily represent those who volunteer or organize these meetings,

Fleep Tuque: (w00t!)

Zotarah Shepherd cheers

AJ Brooks: or of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Office of Information Technology , or Montclair State University.

AJ Brooks: Today's meeting topic is "Possible, Probable, and Preferrable Future of Education in Virtual Worlds" and as you can see, we have an all-star line-up for you today.

AJ Brooks: This is a public meeting, so we do keep a transcript of what is said in local chat. For a copy of transcripts, please visit http://www.virtualworldsedu.info/slroundtable/

AJ Brooks: Special thanks to our resident scribe, Iggy Onomatopoeia, for taking care of this. If you've not seen the transcripts, you should check them out - they are a great information asset.

Mirt Tenk: hear, hear!

AJ Brooks: We are working on upcoming meetings for you, I'll go over just a few in a minute

AJ Brooks: The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable meeting happens each week and we are looking to develop a community of educators from around the world with a variety of thoughts, needs, and ideas.

AJ Brooks: Please join the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable group here in SL. You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Flicker, and KoinUp, as well as on Twitter as VWER.

AJ Brooks: Finally, if you have Mystitool on, or other similar tool, please put it to sleep or detach it for now. :-) It tends to lag things.

AJ Brooks: This meeting will be conducted in voice. We do have transcribers who will try to capture what the speakers are saying in voice.

AJ Brooks: Special thanks to Olivia Hotshot, Kali Pizarro, Ignatius Onomatopoeia, Mirt Tenk, and Ahlan Oh for transcribing today

Olivia Hotshot: doing it now

AJ Brooks: If you are having problems with your voice chat, please see the signs on the walls. If you continue to have problems, contact Margaret Michalski for support.

Dewey Jung: Applause!!

AJ Brooks: You are welcome to use the local chat as a back channel, but understand that the speakers may not see it.

Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Dewey!!!

Margaret Michalski: Blue star scrubs

AJ Brooks: If you have a question for one of us, or a comment, please IM it to me and I will try to get it in voice if possible.

AJ Brooks: As a hint, it is better to have "local chat" open for these meetings, it will help you follow along better.

AJ Brooks: You can find local chat by clicking COMMUNICATE in the bottom navigation bar and you'll find LOCAL CHAT as one of the tabs at the bottom of the window

Dewey Jung: yo zo!

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: All hail king AJ

AJ Brooks: Before we get the meeting started, I have some housekeeping stuff to cover. :-)

Wainbrave Bernal: he's gonna win this race

AJ Brooks: I'm going to let our guests each introduce themselves and tell us who they are - since some of you may be new and may not know them

AJ Brooks: I'm also going to ask our speakers that if they DO respond to something written in local chat that they say aloud what they are commenting on so it makes it into voice.

Fleep Tuque: hehe

Wainbrave Bernal: ok, will do

Margaret Michalski: Good idea

AJ Brooks: The VWER is looking for volunteers to help out with some of the day-to-day organizational tasks.

AJ Brooks: If you have experience with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social networks, please get in touch with me directly.

AJ Brooks: We have some amazing meetings coming up for you.

AJ Brooks: Our newest weekly addition is The Reading Meeting. The 3rd week of each month will be dedicated to discussion on an article provided in advance.

AJ Brooks: On January 19th, we will be discussing an article titled "A Methodology for Measuring Usability Evaluation Skills Using the Constructivist Theory and the Second Life Virtual World"

Mirt Tenk: great!

AJ Brooks: You can find the article here http://bit.ly/6bkVDf

Jarrad Voom: ohhhh

Emilia Cornwall: what a title!

AJ Brooks: For Special 1st of the Month meetings we have Barry Fishman (from Obama’s National Educational Technology Plan committee) on February 9th, Ken Hudson (Canadian Border Simulation)

AJ Brooks: on April 6th and Jonathon Richter (Center for Learning in a Virtual Environment) on June 1st, plus more to be announced shortly

Kali Pizzaro: trying to get the author

Kenny Hubble: Kenny Hubble or Ken Hudson - don't cross the streams pls

Fleep Tuque: (Of the article? Debra Slone)

Kali Pizzaro: yeah

Fleep Tuque: Debra J Slone

Fleep Tuque: :)

AJ Brooks: Some of our other meeting themes will be: Copyright and Intellectual Property, Visual and Multimedia Literacy, and Legal and Ethical Issues in Teaching in Second Life, just to name a few.

Kali Pizzaro: you know her

AJ Brooks: We'll also be visiting other virtual worlds, about once a month - our next one is the Reaction Grid on Monday, February 8th. Contact Olivia Hotshot for details

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: 78 on sim now

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: topic for today: possible probable and preferable

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: give us a brief history

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: Fleep Tuque first

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: I'll ask questions

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: IM me if you have specific questions for the guests

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: thanks, I'm Chris Collins

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I work at U of Cincinnati

Decka Mah waves to Fleep

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I run our four sims here

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: ambassador for learning network (?)

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: been in SL since 2003

Stargazer Blazer: Ohio Learning Network.

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: been in this av since 2005

CallieDel Boa: Yayyy

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: co-chaired the SL Best Practices in Ed conf

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: great intro Fleep!

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: co-chaired SLEDcc in 2008 w/Jonathan Richter

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony - is Learning Technology Consultant & Instructor of art at Bowling Green State University. AUTHOR of THE DOGS graphic novel, available in SL.

Fleep Tuque: (yay Ohio!) :)

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- they have had a virtual campus since 2007

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- along with Bonnie and Kenny Hubble we where here on the subjects of the arts and virtual architecture

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: excellent, thanks!

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- I have presented at a number of conferences

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: Daniel--Buddy

Oronoque Westland: for the record - 79 on the SIM

Dewey Jung: yay sloodle!

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: hey Jeremy

Stargazer Blazer: (Go Sloodle!)

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy0 I work at the University of the West of Scotland and with Jeremy with Sloodle

Wainbrave Bernal: JKe!

Mirt Tenk: haha


Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- My first experience of VW led me to be a text based wizard at Un of Strathclyde, did my MSc and then Phd back toVw

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- I have a book coming out soon and have wrote a number of articles.

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: thanks

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: now to Kenny Hubble

Esme Qunhua: Kenny you are talking wicked fast!

Dewey Jung: you can summarize, esme

CallieDel Boa: Awesome presentation last year at VWBPE!

Esme Qunhua: Kenny 2006 started campus at Loyalist College

Dewey Jung: it's Buddy's

Buddy Sprocket: sorry!

Esme Qunhua: Kenny Kenny Hudson in RL

Mirt Tenk: began teaching in SL early 2007

Margaret Michalski: Great work!

Esme Qunhua: Kenny 2007 started teaching.

Esme Qunhua: Kenny Started Media Ecology and specializes in media studies and communication.

Esme Qunhua: He is responsible for case study of Border Security Training. (Canada)

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: thanks, Ken

Esme Qunhua: Kenny is glad to be here.

Wainbrave Bernal: back of the bus, man

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: last but not least, sitting out on the periphery: Jonathan Richter


Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave Bernal is Research Associate for the Center for Advanced Technology in Education at the University of Oregon.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: the center is in collaboration with Merlot and they have their own island in SL

Fleep Tuque: alphabet soup! :)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: he's also chair of ARVIL

cyber Placebo: what is the name of the island?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: and principle investigator on two projects to develop gaming and simulation in SL and other to investigate how geo-distributed teams are using VWs to get work done

Dewey Jung: "geodistributed"?

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: excellent. thank you. and thanks to everyone.

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: we'll have a conversation with each other.

Wainbrave Bernal: Dewey: people not in the same geolocation

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: 1st: last year we talked about (Sarah brought this up)--she had an unavoidable conflict

Dewey Jung: thx, wb

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: she was talking about being stuck in a justification phase.

Ahlan Oh: AJ Brooks said: do you think we've moved beyond the justification phase?

Mimi Muircastle: yes, not whether but where and when :)

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I agree w/that

Esme Qunhua: Kenny thinks we need to We need to turn the page and say this is valuable.

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I no longer feel my job is justifying edu in VWs

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I spent a couple years doing that most of the time, now much less

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: not that VWs have reached mainstream adoption

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: decision-makers are convinced they are worthwhile in terms of investigation

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: even if they dont' understand all the implications

Decka Mah: Stages of professional development - Awareness Raising --> Buy In --> Main Streaming --> Celebration of successes

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- anyone else?

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: we're no longer justifying, now focusing on scalability, integrating w/campus data systems

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- it is almost strange to think how glacial the rate of change in education is

Fleep Tuque: (glacial is a good term, unfortunate though it may be) ;)

Wainbrave Bernal: aren't the glaciers all melting?

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- the Further education colleges in UK are slow and only getting into e-learning

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: not in education..they still freeze solid :)

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave: s-l-o-w-l-y

Dewey Jung: knowledge is liquifying, though

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- web- based technologies some are trailblazers some only starting now

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- that's a good point.

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- huge learning curve again with VW when they are only getting into web 2.0

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- the application we're using hasn't changed all that much in the last 1-1.5 years

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- yesterday Linden Lab CEO talked about the future (10 year plan)

Buddy Sprocket: / - some FE colleges are very ahead in adopting LMS/VLE - others are far, far behind

Fleep Tuque: (I'd argue it hasn't change _substantially_ since SL came out of beta)

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- they built a new SL.com

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- new viewer 2.0

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- launched SL answers

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- "worked" on some improvements

Mirt Tenk: amen

Margaret Michalski: agreed

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- i think things have been inferior to prior faciltieis

Jeremy Kabumpo: https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2010/01/03/happy-new-year-looking-backlooking-ahead

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- commissioned their own private network

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- upgraded simulators

Dewey Jung: it's incremental

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Thanks Jeremy, for the URL!

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- how much of that really has anything to do with the day to day life in SL

Wainbrave Bernal: (complexity in scaling, multiple uses, transitioning markets, sensitivity to initial conditions)

Nany Kayo: Hardware and bandwidth to access virtual worlds is still prohibitive for many organizations and people.

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- some would argue not much has changed

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- how do you all feel about that?

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: @ the SLCC in 2008

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: one session was a group of educators giving feedback

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: we talked about bringing in our students, faculty, administrators

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: asked for better registration APIs, easier group mgmt, etc

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: indeed

Ignatius Onomatopoeia chuckles

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: as I read the blog post, I realized nearly none of it was addressed on the list and I am disappointed

Profdan Netizen: In world browser.

Dewey Jung: does education make money for LL? And if so, has anyone added that amount up?

Margaret Michalski: Something like the goals for SL in 2010

Fleep Tuque: (listen!)

Fleep Tuque: :)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave said in making his list of what he'd like, he hoped that LL would partner with a range of users to improve the experience, but that "is quite a wild card"

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- need a serious, design-based research community

Kali Pizzaro: 82 on the sim

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- that's a 'wildcard'

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- i get the impression that LL don't have the resources

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- this is one of the reasons for the old standards

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- they are putting another level of folk to negotiate with if there is a problem

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: I have a different perspective

Esme Qunhua: from a linden corporate perspective

Wainbrave Bernal: absolutely

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: "Let's look at what we are doing NOW and what is the cost."

Buddy Sprocket: / SL solution providers: http://solutionproviders.secondlife.com/

Olivia Hotshot: 82 in the sim for the record

VWER 1/5/10

Kali Pizzaro: Cheers Buddy

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: Part of my belief that this could be the year of non apology,

Wainbrave Bernal: it is quite possible that 2010 be the year that virtual worlds learning comes of age

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: This is a relatively no cost place for education.

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- a little pessimistic they 2008 needs were not answered

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: We don't need to be nay-sayers and just use what we have

Kenny Hubble: I don't advocate for corporations to ignore their customers

Wainbrave Bernal: Avatar (the movie) + continued crashing economy + a maturing set of affordances + some real gains on the horizon

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- the long term user are going to get a bit fed up with being ignored and not getting heard

Mirt Tenk believes the WV platform adopted by majority of higher ed will become the dominant platform of the world

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: sad that we are not considered part "of the culture"

Fleep Tuque: nod yes, excited by that too and the API possibilities!

Mirt Tenk: Iggy: not a profitable part

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- role play activity is where the money is. I found it interesting that c - sharp will be included in the scripting

Mimi Muircastle: music in someone's mic - help please :)

Fleep Tuque: (So long as they don't keep up the tradition of letting users prove the business model and then take them over, I should say)

Margaret Michalski: @iggy, there will be a point that tey will realize or regret that they did not meet educators needs

Wainbrave Bernal: most every major textbook company now suddenly has a "virtual architect" position

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- this makes it a better infrastructure for the clients although these are long term plans

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- i want to shift....

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- let's look at some of these things:

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- not meeting our needs now

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- viewer 2.0

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- discovery tools

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: fixing search will help us all

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- new orientation experience

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- a lot of people come in via alternative islands

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- content mgmt and protection tools

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- they don't talk about IP

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- redesign e-commerce

Wainbrave Bernal: I think they lose a lot of people *still* in the orientation process and they want it much improved

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- refocus on open source dev.

Buddy Sprocket: content protection has been hammered of late...

Fleep Tuque: nod WB

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- extending data center

Mirt Tenk: that's what we need, open source dev

Olivia Hotshot: And to find ways to get the residents to do much of the work.

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- and at the end: technological must do's

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: Me too!!!

Esme Qunhua: I agree Wainbrave - Orientation is important. It is a nightmare.

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- they should have been spoken about before

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- do you feel these will address the needs of the educ. community?

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: no

Mirt Tenk: no

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: no

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- yeah, Fleep mention more than c-sharp is an api which exposes data that you can embed in other ares

Wainbrave Bernal: The needs of the education community is much larger than Linden Lab itself

Fleep Tuque: hackery! love it!

Fleep Tuque: :)

Ahlan Oh: c# = c-sharp

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- mash up of sources would be easier

Mirt Tenk: yes but investing in edu community is a long-term investment, not an immediate profit

Mimi Muircastle: yes, open mic with music

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave agrees--there is a whole list of things that SL provides for the education community

Kali Pizzaro: buddy- if where was a api to do this that would be magic

Margaret Michalski: please keep your mics muted

Kali Pizzaro: Sorry Buddy could not resist

Mimi Muircastle: yes, please esp. the music

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave--within our community there is a lot to discuss..personal learning environments, K-12, that are integrating VWs

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave--we early adopters see it as slow but

Wainbrave Bernal: not me

Stargazer Blazer: No way.

Mirt Tenk: not at all

hobbs Constantine: no

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave--from outside it's happening very fast. He agrees with Clatyon Christenson's prediction that by 2014 we will see broader integration of VWs into online instruction largely, not virtually.

Maali Beck: fully? no

Fleep Tuque: No way on utilizing fully, yes on committed to it. :)

Katarina Camino: No

Dewey Jung: not at all

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: Is your institution using virtual worlds to their fullest?

Esparanza Freese: no

Mirt Tenk: SL is still all early adopters

Profdan Netizen: just beginning to get interested.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: one faculty member at Richmond--me. A bit of other interest

Mirt Tenk: oh my iggy!

Zotarah Shepherd: They are not using it hardly at all. : /

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: thanks, Wainbrave, for that clarification. IÕll add that to the transcript

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: Are WE doing as much as we could do to make this as much of a success for our institutions.

Kali Pizzaro: yep but lets evaluate tem

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: Ken's an optimist & reminds me to be grateful for what we do have

Wainbrave Bernal: but that virtual worlds will play an increasingly more prominent role in online learning

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: that is the source of my frustration

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: my institution isn't fully utilizing VWs

Wainbrave Bernal: YES FLEEP!!!

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: we only have one person managing it

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: we have to get more buy-in

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: need students enrolled in groups, need other technical, practical functionality

Stargazer Blazer: ((Institutions need to also reward innovation.))

VWER 1/5/10

Wainbrave Bernal: evidence-based practices better codified

Wainbrave Bernal: and disseminated

Wainbrave Bernal: and practices

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I hope LL will look at the low-hanging fruit & address some of our needs even a little

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: that small amt could have a big impact in what we can do in edu

Fleep Tuque: :)

Decka Mah: Hmmm everyone else is moving tasks like filling out forms to the user...maybe students should enroll themselves through a course page

Fleep Tuque: muaha!

Wainbrave Bernal: ((gasp))

Maali Beck: lol

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: haha

Olivia Hotshot: hah!

Dewey Jung: lol

Kali Pizzaro: haha

hobbs Constantine: lol

Macker Shakkyo: only an hour?

CallieDel Boa giggles

Couch Woodget: it's a god movie

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: Totally agree with Fleep. Every tech advantage that can help us is great.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia rolls on the floor--good one Ken!

Couch Woodget: lol

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- everyone is a comedian.

Jarrad Voom: I love god movies.

Macker Shakkyo: AJ, is the question "can"? or "should"?

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- can SL remain a player in the field of VW's, and what do they need to do?

Olivia Hotshot: and actors do not look cool with a box on their heads

Mirt Tenk: no, LL will not remain a major player for large-scale involvement by institutions

Mirt Tenk: not w/interoperability

Tilla Kronos: Add to that Automatic Group Perms, please

Dewey Jung: opensim is going to surpass it within the next two years for educational applications

Kali Pizzaro: maybe

Mirt Tenk: it's going to be too easy for universities to set up their own VWs and do what they want v soon

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave--yes, by continuing to work on innovating in SL, LL can eet some of these needs. LL is trying to define their market and goals.

Fleep Tuque: No Bb got the lead by buying out anyone who competed. ;)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave--We'd like LL to work directly with us, as Blackboard did

Kali Pizzaro: we are certainly putting time and money into it at our university

Olivia Hotshot: aggravating faculty you mean

Mirt Tenk: LL hasn't taken the window of opportunity to keep pursuit of that from becoming predominant

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave--the future is increasingly more difficult for all of us to predict

Mirt Tenk: are you willing to pay LL what you pay BB?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave--the dialogue needs to increase

CallieDel Boa: The web is nice, need network media coverage IMHO

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- one of Mark Kingdoms blog

Buddy Sprocket: M Linden: Second Life is galactic. With a massive influx of new Residents, Second Life becomes a collection of interconnected (and independent) worlds – some terrestrial, some extra-terrestrial. In terrestrial terms, Second Life grows 10x from being the 170th largest country in the world to the 134th (as measured by landmass) – right between Denmark and Switzerland.

Jarrad Voom: Good moving on from criticizing LL to criticizing BB

Wainbrave Bernal: Mirt: they may not have to listen to us as specific people

Mirt Tenk: nope and they are not listening to us as institutions

Wainbrave Bernal: IBM SL Enterprise could take off

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- the report by Virtual world watch in the uk is reporting many other uses of VWs.

Esme Qunhua: Buddy what does the closing of metaplace mean for vws in general.

Mirt Tenk: not nearly as many ppl as those using the Internet

Olivia Hotshot: Excellent comment Buddy.

Kenny Hubble: totally agree Buddy

Wainbrave Bernal: good comment, Bud

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- Linden Lab needs to establish themselves as the hub for others or someone else will take over

Fleep Tuque: hehe yes

VWER 5 January 2010

Wainbrave Bernal: Farmville

Katarina Camino: y

Fleep Tuque: :)

Kenny Hubble: lol

Wainbrave Bernal: he he

Olivia Hotshot: Oh yeah

Jarrad Voom: no

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- my students got hooked on playing farmville

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I live Farmville IRL !

Mirt Tenk: haha Iggy

JeanClaude Vollmar: We may find a point too when we create our own sorts of APIs that will work (like Sloodle for instance) just as handily with open source versions of SL like OpenSim. If that happens, we may all jump ship for that model of VW.

Olivia Hotshot: flash on a prim - aghast!!

Fleep Tuque: (independent of land parcels!!!!)

Mirt Tenk: if I had time I'd do the real farming, not virtual

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- if we had flash on a prim we could be playing it together

Esme Qunhua: AHHH nice idea.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: you laugh, Mirt..I have a dodgy tractor and mean wildlife on the farm :)

Decka Mah: thanks speakers!!! gotta go

Mirt Tenk: Iggy: oh no I approve

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- although it is a bit daft you can not dismiss the amount of folk doing it

Wainbrave Bernal: yup - notebooks are hot

Mirt Tenk: good point re Netbooks

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony Ð Linden Lab is aiming to be top but netbooks are the highest selling computer

Ricardo Pessoa: notebooks and tablets...

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony - google it that is the warcry of students

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I'm so glad that Anthony is saying this! Yes...every one of my students used a laptop and wireless...and they had enless problems. They just refuse to plug in to use SL.

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- going to Vw or bb is a chore

Mirt Tenk: SL won't remain the predominant VW

Lolly Dovgal: Interesting thoughts.

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: that ties in w/one of my notes for this panel prep

toBe Destiny: a group is working on bringing an sl presence in the Nation of Oman. If anyone is interested in assisting with this or talking about small nation use of virtual worlds please Im me or Couch Woodget

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I've noticed reading about "Social Media" but items listed do not include SL w/FB, Twitter, etc like it was a couple years ago

Couch Woodget: who is talking now ?

Stargazer Blazer: Fleep

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: this ties into what you are saying Anthony, I hope we haven't missed the boat

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: so much data in SL isn't accessible to the web & vice-versa

Kali Pizzaro: yes

Esme Qunhua: Yay!

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I need my apps to be able to connect w/other apps I'm using and SL doesnt' do this

Wainbrave Bernal: i agree with all that Anthony says AND that mobile learning, a tad of augmented reality, the new Apple tablet, and research and corporate advances

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: if LL keeps SL segregated from rest of web, this will harm the VW potential

Wainbrave Bernal: will keep pushing Linden Lab to new strategic issues

Kali Pizzaro: We need them now

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- these things are 10 years down the road

Buddy Sprocket: wainbrave - you trying to get all the good points there? ;-)

Mirt Tenk agrees!

Esme Qunhua: That better happen this year!

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- we talked about that last year

Fleep Tuque: Yes mobile, forgot to mention that one WB!

CallieDel Boa: Yes

Buddy Sprocket agrees w fleep

Ahlan Oh: and 2 years ago at slcc

toBe Destiny: and then there is Google Earth

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Rezzable is working on inventory transfer already, AJ--they've admitted that at our visit to Heritage Key

Zdenek Buchsbaum: Good point Fleep and bed one for LL. This is the end of their bussines...

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- SLHD (high definition)

Emilia Cornwall: SLHD.... LAG!

Stargazer Blazer: I think that is why we are "forward thinking."

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- if they wait 10 years to mobile devices.....

Mirt Tenk: SL interoperability is questionable--LL has to enable it and they have to decide they WANT to connect to other worlds (and permit it)

toBe Destiny: and there is also Google Wave

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- they won't look anything like they do now

VWER 5 January 2010

Esme Qunhua: I hope they are huds on our glasses.

toBe Destiny: and knowledge management

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- SL becomes a std in business, educ. and gov't

Mirt Tenk: It won't be SL that is standard

toBe Destiny: 2 years

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- what do you think about this 10 year timeline?

Mercyblu Moorsider: keeping expectations low

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: In terms of the technology we absolutely can't wait ten years.

Mirt Tenk: we all need to be investigating self-hosting VW dev now on an institution basis so that when interoperability IS available we are prepared to populate the WWVW immediately

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave agrees with Kenny's points

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: SL is a subculture that may not be at the center of culture and politics even in the next ten years.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave sees M's roadmap as "breadcrumbs"

Dewey Jung: can you leave a trail of breadcrumbs INTO the future?

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: @dewey Wainbrave can

Kali Pizzaro: haha dewey good point

Esme Qunhua: ha ha Dewey

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- i thought it was a strange mix for a ten year vision

Mirt Tenk: right, in other VW platforms

Mercyblu Moorsider: scatter the crumbs to the pigeons

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave thinks that whether or not LL can succeed in this depends on many factors, such as the individual projects M lists, as well as changes outside LL

Dewey Jung: @Anthony of course

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- these are all being worked on and are not new

Wainbrave Bernal: the future is already here, Dewey... it's just not widely distributed (William Gibson)

Mirt Tenk: of course there's always RL for smells & such

Dewey Jung: good point, WB

Olivia Hotshot: Picture the 8 year olds going to see Avatar today being happy with their vision 10 years from now as college freshmen.

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- even the science fiction could be reality

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- he does say the walls will come down early but how early

Mirt Tenk: right JudyArx

toBe Destiny: we are looking for the wrong things, i feel... what we need is ontology mediation of human collaboration

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- open sim has a lot of similarities with SL

toBe Destiny: the immersive nature is already high enough

CallieDel Boa: I believe it will eventually

toBe Destiny: i feel

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- who would have predicted a few years ago we'd be here?

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- we're starting to see some major efforts in open source

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- it is hard to predict two years never mind ten

Mirt Tenk: we need more collaboration on open source

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- heritage key == king tut

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- reaction grid

Kali Pizzaro: Glasgow Caledoinian University is working on one

toBe Destiny: use google?

Mirt Tenk: collaboration in dev, not just users

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- the experience is not horrific

Kali Pizzaro: Beta testing

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- we will have our Feb 8 meeting in reaction grid

Lolly Dovgal: Sorry, have to leave. Great topic. Thanks to all the speakers.

Kali Pizzaro: Bye Lolly

toBe Destiny: the users need to lose the developers

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- contact olivia hotshot if you are interested in meeting there

Wainbrave Bernal: which is why LL has made their client, then server tech open source and have increasingly tried to move toward a virtual real estate company and get a seat at the table with Sun, IBM, and others to create the virtual worlds standard protocols

Mirt Tenk: we all need to be contributing to open source

Olivia Hotshot: <---- Yes, let me know if you want to know where VWER is going on Reaction Grid

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- what about the open source option, and what do we need to do to get there?

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I'm amazed at the progress of Open Sim even in the last 12 mos

toBe Destiny: and we must get to a new level in which design is even more simple

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: when I first tried it it was blank, you were ruthed, couldnt' move

toBe Destiny: OpenSim plus also Google Earth

Wainbrave Bernal: I <3 Chilbo!

Olivia Hotshot: Chilbo on Reaction Grid is quite good.

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: Chilbo comm bought a sim

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: it gives you more options, better building palette

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Wainbrave...Jon Himoff has been very critical of that "land business" model that LL has adopted, but he'd certainly agree with you about LL's direction

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I'm surprised more educators aren't jumping to Open Sim

Esme Qunhua: What of loss of SL Educational community

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: we're thinking about it

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: ReactionGrid is a PG grid

Esme Qunhua: and rich culture here.

AJ Brooks: our hour is almost up - but as long as our panel can stay - we'll keep going

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: that opens up lots of edu potential for under-18 age students

AJ Brooks: there is more to talk about and also questions from the audience

toBe Destiny: i have a note card about ontology mediation in immersive worlds

Liam Gunes: It's a big deal for university level too

AJ Brooks: although if someone needs to leave, that is understandable

Couch Woodget: i think we all should stay , good info and topic

Kali Pizzaro: yep

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: w/the modular system of Open Sim we have, there is flexibility

AJ Brooks: but please do stay - this is an excellent conversation

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: you can have currency-grade, etc.

Wainbrave Bernal: yes - the development of great learning would be awesome Fleep - great point

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: Open Sim is a real alternative to SL w/many more choices

Kali Pizzaro: agreed

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: this will be more valuable to us as educators, esp faculty trying to do simulations

toBe Destiny: agreed

JeanClaude Vollmar: We rebuild it all over again? Or can our SL inventory follow us?

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- we are looking into open sim

toBe Destiny: and the business model is not so focused on commerce

Esme Qunhua: I seriously worry about the isolation of opensim

Mirt Tenk thinks if we'd all host a few Open Sims & connect we'd have a fabulous EDU VW grid larger than SL

Olivia Hotshot: Open Sim owners seem to want to work with educators ....

Fleep Tuque: (And yes cost, but I expect cost to rise apace on OpenSim soon, it won't be THAT much cheaper forever, surely) :)

Mirt Tenk: (all higher ed in SL)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: keeping your IP on your own server is quite a draw

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- if we can do it for less money then there is no choice

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- last year we talked about SL connecting to other sims

Wainbrave Bernal: great open source work going on

Zotarah Shepherd: I like to collaboration possible on Reaction Grid

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- reaction grid is so much like SL

Kenny Hubble: We wouldn't have met Tom

Mimi Muircastle: great panel - look forward to the summaries - I hate to have to leave :)

Fleep Tuque: (PORTABLE AVS!)

toBe Destiny: public domain function might be enhanced

Fleep Tuque: :)

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- i can see faculty member making curriculum in their own VW

Kali Pizzaro: yeah lets not kill Sl yet ;-)

Mirt Tenk: @Fleep: Porable Avs come w/interoperability

Kali Pizzaro: i am just starting

Mirt Tenk: portable even

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- and when they want community, they go into SL, do research, and come back to locally run Virtual environment that looks like SL without all the restrictions.

Mirt Tenk: He's got 18 sims across three universities

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- what do the rest of you feel about that?

Mirt Tenk: already collaborating among multiple universities

Fleep Tuque: (At UC we're also looking at exporting our SL content to our own OpenSim install for data backup purposes)

toBe Destiny: yes

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony - we could do some stuff in Sl but also want the exposure of Sl

Fleep Tuque: SecondInventory and Meerkat/Emerald viewers make this possible now

Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Thanks speakers - gotta go.

Mirt Tenk: Right

Dewey Jung: higher ed needs to control the content on its servers, no doubt!

JeanClaude Vollmar: ( Coo Fleep, that's great news! )

Mirt Tenk: I've been backing up & porting to Open Sim w/Second Inventory for 18 months

Profdan Netizen: The back up potential of open sim is huge.

Kenny Hubble: Metaverse ecosysytem - nice

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave sees the next step in the evolution of VWs as Open Source projects

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: @mirt right on

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave thinks we'll see a good deal of innovation out of this sector, as well as corporate and government development there

toBe Destiny: might I ask about Google Earth and the integration of Building Information Modeling so that real life might be designed in a virtual world


Olivia Hotshot: Still 82 people on the sim.

toBe Destiny: as envisioned using SketchUp

Mirt Tenk: If higher ed can contribute to Open source dev we'll all benefit more quickly

Fleep Tuque: I'm still hopeful that real alternatives will emerge too, Blue Mars, HiPiHi, whatever - platforms wholly different than SL and OpenSim

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave thinks that for now, the best strategy is to locally develop instead of being tied to LL's world alone

toBe Destiny: but the business model is not right for sooo many things

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- however, we are not meeting in open sim tonight so there is a place for sl it is the common ground

Mirt Tenk doesn't think that is a priority for LL--remaining the common ground

Olivia Hotshot: Lets see where we meet in January 2011.

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- it is up to LL to stay as the common ground

Fleep Tuque grins at Olivia.

Mirt Tenk: @Olivia: right

Mirt Tenk: and 2012 and 2013

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- even if they have a lower sl presence with education

toBe Destiny: it is nice that SL has brought us to this point

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- so what's the next big breakthrough?

toBe Destiny: human knowledge representation as a part of a virtual world

CallieDel Boa: Agreed

Mirt Tenk: I don't think that's their business model

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: I think it is great that we have options, and it is great that we are here in sl tonight. (he is pragmatic) what is the best way to move forward.

toBe Destiny: that is the next big unseen step

Buddy Sprocket: @ margaret/birdie - SLOODLE is available as an opensim OAR file for opensim

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- what is the next big breakthrough. LL need to get it sorted they will do that through the linden dollar

Profdan Netizen: Surprised no Lindens here today.

Mirt Tenk: Their best option would have been to target asset, commerce & identity hosting

Mirt Tenk: for interop

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- if they can get it used in all VWs

Mirt Tenk: but they are moving in different directions

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- Fb is trying to get a virtual dollar sorted

Ahlan Oh: open mics....:-(

Kali Pizzaro: someones kid is screaming

Fleep Tuque: A year ago I thought a good strategy for LL would be to become the "PayPal" of virtual worlds, now not so sure that's on their priority list

Kali Pizzaro: haha

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- if folk leave then others will follow

Mirt Tenk: The hosting of inventory assets, identity mgmt and economy will be highest priority for interoperability among VWs

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- for VW's in general (not SL)....

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- this is the first meeting of our new group: VWER

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- this is a larger movement going on

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- what is the next big breakthrough for VW's generally?

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- there was voice--some liked it, some hated it.

Jeremy Kabumpo: Second Life in the form we see it here has an 18-month lifespan going forward. Kingdon has essentially stopped the company in its tracks technically and also melted its core value - its community. But the learning models and teaching methods we have designed and tested in Second Life will map onto new platforms. After OpenSim, Flash in the browser and location-based wireless apps need our attention. The tech press think of Facebook apps like Farmville as virtual worlds.


The Apple tablet is a key development with always-on Internet connectivity and a large format display. Look for location-enriched virtual environments. Think Foursquare meets SL.

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- this mtg would have been impossible without it.

Stargazer Blazer: Not impossible, but requires more preparation. :)

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: my vote & hope are for more choices in haptic devices

Kenny Hubble: Too bad!

Kali Pizzaro: i have a vision of AJ i did not need hehe

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: want to see something beyond hte keyboard & mouse & screen

Kali Pizzaro: oly joking

Mirt Tenk thinks you should try the Novint Falcon


Kali Pizzaro: ;-0

toBe Destiny: in the individual human there is a associational cortex and frontal lobes.... we do not have anything like that in a virtual world

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I want to be able to imagine my virtual spaces as another room in myhouse w/fewer constraints on interaction

toBe Destiny: no real mechanisms to support true collective intelligence

Stargazer Blazer: Wii+SL= future

Zotarah Shepherd: A real holodeck

Mirt Tenk: Fleep said: I dont' want to be stuck wt/he "darn mouse & keyboard"

Profdan Netizen: Wii controller.

Wainbrave Bernal: ha ha Stargazer - that's awesome

Mirt Tenk: Novint Falcon gives haptic FEEDBACK, not just input like the Wii

Stargazer Blazer: ;)

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- the next be breakthrough will be mobile

Mirt Tenk: yes Margaret!

Fleep Tuque: (Good one Anthony, augmented reality, not just virtual reality!)

Fleep Tuque: I need more than one vote. :)

Fleep Tuque: hehe

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- we have seen sims on mobile and we are getting apple table if they can do that then great

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: apple tablet

Decky Pinelli: I run an RDP session from both my iPod Touch and HTC WinMo back to Win7 to use SL today

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave thinks that the mobile, the virtual, the haptic will converge

Kali Pizzaro: yeah sorry

toBe Destiny: voice t6o text, and one individual's text abstracted and unified with something liek Google Waves

Fleep Tuque: Who you callin weirdo! ;)

Mirt Tenk: NPR news story yesterday on use of VWs in therapy for war veterans w/catatrostrophic burns

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave believes it will be a "massive sea change" that effects us all

Couch Woodget: How can education be implemented by the use of sl when voice (VoIp), (skype) is banned by the country, is it still effective to use sl for education?

Mirt Tenk: using haptic devices

Mirt Tenk: & helmets

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wainbrave believes we'll have a lot more folks coming to conferences on virtual worlds

Ahlan Oh: shoulder pads

Jeremy Kabumpo: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=120638735

Mirt Tenk: ty Jeremy

Jeremy Kabumpo: np

toBe Destiny: i feel that it is culture that must change

Couch Woodget: i think so also toBe, and in time i think

toBe Destiny: as this medium is not used as it might be already

Couch Woodget: How can education be implemented by the use of sl when voice (VoIp), (skype) is banned by the country, is it still effective to use sl for education?

Couch Woodget: oops

Mirt Tenk: the news story yesterday talked about the neurological benefits in healing of major burn injuries

Mirt Tenk: reduction in pain

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: I totally agree, I would suggest that this year research will suggest the ways that learning in VWs effects us. Changes our neurology.

Eluzielle Mistwalker: They could use the devices that record the movements on people for video games as part of an interface.

toBe Destiny: for example, the speakers speak

Fleep Tuque: bravo Kenny!

Wainbrave Bernal: Cultural change lags behind technological change as a rule

toBe Destiny: but there is not aggregation of the audience's intentions

toBe Destiny: so it is one one

Buddy Sprocket: http://www.bobba.com/

toBe Destiny: supply side

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- have to agree with all but i see the challenge as a mobile and vw

Jarrad Voom: who?

toBe Destiny: one group supplies and the rest receives

Couch Woodget: how would te techno9logy such as " sixth sense technology " seen on youtube advance education ?

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- for the most part we sit at a desktop as we need the full keyboard etc

Mirt Tenk: right Buddy

toBe Destiny: these are the kinds of things, Couch, that are not part of a technology but rather are part of the evolution of humanity

Wainbrave Bernal: yay! Stross

Mirt Tenk: When my mother-in-law saw SL she thought it WAS augmented reality--wanted to go for a walk down the street of Montgomery, AL

toBe Destiny: where we are able to move away from expects and non experts

Wainbrave Bernal: another Scotsman

Fleep Tuque: (I just got that for Christmas) :)

Esme Qunhua: I want to be able to manipulate prims (or whatever) with my hands not the keyboard.

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- bringing together the two is a challenge. how will they relate to each other. the book halting state shows us the best a science fiction book

Jeremy Kabumpo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halting_State

toBe Destiny: suppliers and consumers

cyber Placebo: what is the name of the book?

Fleep Tuque: Halting State, Charles Stross

Couch Woodget: i would not say its not technology , u r connected 24/7

Buddy Sprocket: halting state by charles stross (not Scottish but lives in edinburgh!)

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- the wii camera for the top of your tv is available now

Mirt Tenk: Has anyone here used a Novint Falcon? It gives texture, force feedback

Buddy Sprocket: also see invizimals for PSP or EyePet for PS3 ;-)

Fleep Tuque: Or at least Mitch is. :)

Kali Pizzaro: ANthony- the haptic could do this. If i go to the gym you go on the path when you cycle

Mirt Tenk: http://home.novint.com/

Fleep Tuque: nice idea Anthony

Fleep Tuque: ride through Chilbo. :)

Stargazer Blazer: I'm on a bike!

Fleep Tuque nods.

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- should this be connected to Sl and share that with my friends

Couch Woodget: TED sixth sense technology (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUdDhWfpqxg

Couch Woodget: how woud this help education ?

Eluzielle Mistwalker: That would be wonderful for many reasons

Fleep Tuque: (That's the one thing we HAVEN'T discussed, privacy)

Fleep Tuque: ;)

toBe Destiny: and in this kind of virtual worlds, are you comfortable with a company owning the infrastructure

toBe Destiny: ?

Buddy Sprocket: @couch that is a great video :-)

Wainbrave Bernal: ok!?! haheehoheehe

Buddy Sprocket: no Im a nite owl

Wainbrave Bernal: oh crud

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- Jonathan: 1 minute question.

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- what will we be talking about 1 year from today?

Couch Woodget: thnx buddy

Jarrad Voom: Criticizing LL

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave Bernal said: iTablet is going to have an impact on VW & mobile interaction

Couch Woodget: jarrad loool

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave Bernal said: rudimentary augmented reality apps will be discussed

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave Bernal said: we'll discuss some changes coming this year RE protocols to connect VWs together, and possibly some great SL projects, even some w/LL

Fleep Tuque: WB is taking all the good answers, hush WB!

Fleep Tuque: rofl

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave Bernal said: we may also discuss great research that impacts ppl in a practical way

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- i think the obvious and the unfortunate is that none of us will be complaining of what LL has not done

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- Ken....?

Mirt Tenk: have VWs they're hosting, or have a presence in SL that they wont' have next year?

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- so you're saying we haven't hit the bottom yet?

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: I think we are going to be talking about the shakedown that will happen this year. Budgets!

Wainbrave Bernal: oh Fleep - you've always got gold nuggets stashed away that I haven't even thought of! nudge, nudge

Fleep Tuque: ;)

IzzyLander Karu: 50

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: Substantive research will become visible.

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- Daniel...?

Esme Qunhua: Kenny: We will see cross over between VWs and augmented reality

toBe Destiny: i think we will see virtual world become open source and take off into hundreds of separated systems, all which interoperate

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy - i dont know how to follow i think there is still going to be people meeting in sl. open sim will still be pushed on

Couch Woodget: can anyone tell me How can education be implemented by the use of sl when voice (VoIp), (skype) is banned by the country, is it still effective to use sl for education?

toBe Destiny: nods, agreeing

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- if sL does not improve then SL and open sim may go on diffferent paths

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- i still think we will be here. similar stories i am afraid

Wainbrave Bernal: let's not be depressed this year

Couch Woodget: :(

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- last but not least....Chris...?

Mirt Tenk: Fleep Tuque said: I looked @ last year's transcript

Mirt Tenk: Fleep Tuque said: what has changed?

Wainbrave Bernal: Fleep is a rockstar

Mirt Tenk: Fleep Tuque said: I feel more confidence in all of us in the edu community

Stargazer Blazer: You are all rockstars!

Mirt Tenk: Fleep Tuque said: confidence in relationships formed via various soc networking apps

Kali Pizzaro: yeah

toBe Destiny: the reason why those things are banned is part of why one can not move the SL paradigm into countries like your home country, Couch

Kali Pizzaro: hope so

Mirt Tenk: Fleep Tuque said: I hope we'll be discussing about the things the technology makes possible, not the technology, hardware, etc

CallieDel Boa: Yes!

Kali Pizzaro: that is what will win over faculty

Wainbrave Bernal: yeah!!!!

Mirt Tenk: Fleep Tuque said: RE my own experience in SL & how it has made me grow, I've benefitted from collaboration w/others

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- wow!

Jarrad Voom: Wow

Stargazer Blazer: yay Fleep!

Fleep Tuque: =)

Kenny Hubble: I hope to see all the people on the panel in rl again in 2010!

toBe Destiny: one needs to have some deeper sense that people will uses these tools in a way that is mostly positive

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- Jonathan was right. that was an awesome nugget!

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: Simteach

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- are there some best practices sites for those who are just beginning, with justification?

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: there are many places to look

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: many efforts, including Merlot

Fleep Tuque: Simteach, Jokay's site (What's it called now, used to be the sleducation wiki) :)

Zotarah Shepherd: I would still like to know about case studies of how individual people are using VWs for education.

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: we're working to dev the pattern language to ID the 3D portal across VWs

AJ Brooks: almost 30 minutes over and we still have over 50 people on the sim - AWESOME!

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: this will be coming out initially sometime this spring

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: on the SimTeach wiki there's an effort

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: there's the Salamander wiki

Olivia Hotshot: 73 people on the sim.

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: it's now distributed, but I hope w/the right toolset & collaboration

toBe Destiny: pattern language - nice

Mirt Tenk: . . . .

Jeremy Kabumpo: http://simteach.com/sled/db/

Fleep Tuque: SLED! VWER!

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: I wish we had a one-stop shop

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: the nature of this game is . . .

toBe Destiny: yes

Fleep Tuque: Twitter!

Fleep Tuque: :)

Stargazer Blazer: Who is that?

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- thanks.

Mirt Tenk: Wainbrave said: Immersive Education is looking to create a single place

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- anyone want to comment on the closure of MetaPlace?

Mirt Tenk: Fleep Tuque said: I was the only one in the central plaza of Metaplace when it closed

Buddy Sprocket: i was there the day before MP closed - it was busy then...

Mirt Tenk: Fleep Tuque said: I think if SL was closing there would be a ton of ppl there

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- you know there is some good points but my experience was it was not a flash chat room

Wainbrave Bernal: yes - not much in the design of affordances -

Mirt Tenk: interesting that Robin Harper went to consult for Metaplace

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- it was all text if you have ever tried guya?

Fleep Tuque: (I think those might be Anthony's kids.) :)

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: Gaia Online

Kali Pizzaro: Anthony- once metaplace charged for builds lost me

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: Oops... Kids :P

Wainbrave Bernal: i like Sococo for slim virtual world serious use

Fleep Tuque: hehe

Mirt Tenk: ty WB

Wainbrave Bernal: sorta middleware

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- it was an easy area to build no learning curve. they di not get a critical mass to get going

Fleep Tuque: Personally, 2.5D never interested me

VWER 1/5/10

Wainbrave Bernal: soon will have a Mac client

Fleep Tuque: It felt too 80s

Mirt Tenk: looks just like Farmville to me!

Fleep Tuque: :)

Jarrad Voom: Gia?

Fleep Tuque: Gaia

Mirt Tenk: (Metaplace)

Jarrad Voom: ty Fleep

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: I mentioned Gaia and we're talking about Metaplace

Fleep Tuque: nod

Wainbrave Bernal: yup

Fleep Tuque: Sort of Lively like

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- it was a strange it was easy to build but not to interact with others. you could embed it in a sloodle webpage which was great but it was not making money

Fleep Tuque: But like Lively, I don't think it's much of a loss because neither of them seemed to offer much for deep engagement (IMO)

Kali Pizzaro: Buddy- probably wise to close it

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- there's so much we could continue to talk about

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- we've gone 1/2 hour over our time

toBe Destiny: very good panel discussion --- thank you

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: I have to go... so sorry

Trudy Takacs: very nice discussion, thanks!

CallieDel Boa: Thank you all!

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: in a min

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- thank you to the smartest people i know.

Kenny Hubble: bon vivance!

Olivia Hotshot claps. Thank you everyone!

Buddy Sprocket: think he must be talking about you fleep!

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- they are the most amazing minds I've been a colleague to

Fleep Tuque: Thanks all, thanks to the audience too!

Kali Pizzaro: woop woop

Buddy Sprocket: thank you AJ!

CallieDel Boa applauds

Fleep Tuque: Good comments and questions!

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- [thanks each panelist in turn]

Couch Woodget: pls conact panel

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- sorry Sarah couldn't be here

Zotarah Shepherd: Awesome panel. Thank you all

Trudy Takacs: woot woot!

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- and thanks to all of you.

Trudy Takacs: no crashes

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: w00t

Kenny Hubble: what's the count Hotshot?

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- we had 90 people here at one point

Kali Pizzaro: haha

Profdan Netizen: Excellent discussion, thanks to all.

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- don't let them fool you. it was laggy, but we accomplished what we needed to

Stargazer Blazer: thanks all you rock stars!

Jarrad Voom: Great job everyone thank you so much.

Esme Qunhua: Excellent, all of you, thanks.

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- thanks for all the efforts of those who push this work forward.

Eluzielle Mistwalker: Excellent thank you.

Fleep Tuque: And thanks to the transcriptionists too!! Ice packs for your smokin fingers all around. :)

AnthonyFontana Chevalier: Thanks AJ!!!

Ahlan Oh: [ AJ Brooks said ] ----- we're off to an incredible and amazing start.

Trudy Takacs: yes!